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workXid H&S Trainer Discount Program

Jim Steketee
2 min

workXid is offering a discount program for those H&S trainers/ organizations that have completed Train the Trainer and are registered to teach approved compliance training programs from both the Ministry of Labour and the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association of Ontario.

workXid is committed to promoting lifelong training in the field of H&S.
Those persons/organizations that qualify will receive a 50% discount off the regular price of seats/profiles. In addition, they will also be eligible for a reduced administrator’s seat cost.

We plan to offer the same program to the other Provinces that promote similar approved compliance H&S programs for all sectors, not just construction.

One of the features of the workXid system is that under the primary administrator’s role, you can assign one of the five sub-admin roles to your H&S trainer/organization. The training role will allow them to stay in contact with any workXid cardholder that has attended a trainer/organization training course. You can also create training programs and schedule training courses using the trainer role. The primary administrator controls what system access features individuals can have under any sub-admin functions, e.g., H&S Trainer/organization only has access to scheduling upcoming H&S training classes and issuing Electronic Certificates to workxid cardholders.

The system is designed for multiple sectors. For example, this discount program could be offered to those using the same concept for H&S trainers/organizations providing approved sector training. Interested sector safety organizations are invited to contact us.

workXid was developed and produced because of the need for quick and accurate information regarding proof of H&S safety training. We want to continue showing our commitment by offering reduced costs to those providing this vital education.