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workXid talks about Privacy and Security

Jim Steketee
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In this world, there are still small communities where our face, handshake, and word are all we need. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in them.

Today we work and shop in a virtual world, and it is easier for people to steal our identities and impersonate us. We routinely make decisions about our privacy and security, usually subconsciously. Over the last few years, we have made choices that led to installing locks and deadbolts on our doors and security systems for our homes and cars. We fingerprint our children. We buy and use firewalls and virus protection for our computers. Many of us worry about using credit cards on the internet. We are cautious.

We have to look to technology to protect us, but in doing so, we must maintain our ongoing rights to the protection of privacy. As technology is employed, we have the right and the obligation to ensure that the new technologies do not expose us to new risks. We must educate ourselves on how new technologies can be used for privacy protection and ensure that we have sufficient information to understand the risks, opportunities, benefits, and technologies associated with new programs.

workXid kept all these thoughts in mind when we developed the platform, and one of the most significant steps, we did was to include a picture of the person front and centre on the profile. While creating a profile, you must take a selfie photograph (no avatars allowed). You can upload all your certificates, trade endorsements, safety training, emergency contact, medical alert info, family doctor, etc., all by yourself.

However, you cannot verify any of this information by yourself; you must have a registered platform administrator authenticate/validate all the above information. The profile holder can not change their profile picture by themselves, ever; if they grow facial hair (as an example) and wish to get the new profile picture approved, only a registered administrator can do that.

All of your personal pertinent information is encrypted while at rest and in motion (emailing information to potential employers/clients). As an added security backup regarding changes that take place with a profile (starting when the profile is created) are logged on the back end, such as the picture, certificates, trade endorsements, safety training, etc.. workXid can tell who (administrator) verified, at what company and when (date and time).

workXid has incorporated the additional security feature of two-step verification (everyone should enable this feature), but it is your option.

workXid will continue to explore all new technology that comes to market that could enhance our system security and privacy, as these two points are the cornerstones of our platform. workXid will keep pushing out security and privacy reminders to all platform users in an ongoing effort to keep your information secure and private.

workXid provides an optional feature to allow an individual to create an Emergency Medical Prolife EMP (to identify medical contacts, allergies to bee stings, food, blood pressure medication, etc.). The EMP remains encrypted and only accessible to a designated safety officer or a registered administrator in the event of a medical emergency. Every time an individual EMP is accessed, three (3) notifications will automatically go out to the following:

  1. Profile holder indicating who accessed their Emergency Medical Profile.
  2. Safety Officer/Administrator who actually accessed Emergency Medical Profile.
  3. Xidcorp Security logs and challenges all EMP access by any safety officer or administrator.

For those users that have their own personal phones and do not wish to put the app on said phone, we created a feature that allows the administrator to print off a paper card (identical to the phone app picture included) with the same personalized QR code that when scanned will take you to the profile of the person. We suggest that if a paper card is issued (employee card), it gets either plasticized or inserted into a plastic pocket card holder for longer life, and you can print it off again if it is lost, destroyed, etc. You can also print off a hard plastic card (like a bank/credit) or use an NFC or chipped card if the employer has a multi-functional operation (locked doors or access areas).

workXid fully appreciates and complies with all privacy legislation and existing laws regarding this topic. We designed features to comply with and accommodate both the profile holder and the employer.

Protecting your privacy is paramount!

workXid takes pride in keeping abreast of new technology. If the market has something new and better, we will continuously review and make changes to keep your information safe and secure.

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